Hitta G- Unmatched

Hitta G, apart of the MoneyComeFirst collective, has dropped a solo tape, entitled Unmatched. From playing around with music since 2013, to taking a serious

Trev Deshon- Stressin’

From acting to rapping, Trev Deshon, has showcased his passion in the arts and has made a name for himself through his work and incredible

Holland Izz Shines on ‘Stay Sunny’

Everybody loves the sunshine, and Holland Izz does too. Of course, it’s not surprising; with the amount of enthusiasm, vibrancy, and blinding brightness he puts

Steve Lacy- Apollo XXI

Steve Lacy, has emerged from his metamorphosis. Until now, his only release was the six track EP titled Steve Lacy’s Demo, which provided a small

Tyler J.-Outta My Element

If you don’t know who Tyler J. is by now, you’re missing out on some great and catchy content! 1Take.Ty is apart of the 1Take

The Evolution of Tyler, the Creator

While being one of the few artists who can say they write, produce, and direct their own work, the Westchester HS alumn has made it

Kee Riche$- From Broke to Rich

From putting an exceptional amount of effort into bettering his community, to having a growing clothing brand, to spending countless nights in the studio, it

Azjah- Princess Diaries

On April 26, Compton’s Azjah debuts her album, Princess Diaries, which tells her story as well as shows the different emotions the artist goes through.

Fih – “La Brea & Slauson”

La Brea native Fih comes with soulful sounds on her new two track “La Brea & Slauson.” Freestyling over Jay-Z’s “Imaginary Players” and YBN Nahmir’s