Zay Coronado Wants to be Universal: Behind the Boards Interview

Zay Coronado grew up all over Los Angeles, and his collaborations stretch as far as the city limits. The 19 year old producer has worked with talents all across the West, such as Rucci, Almighty Suspect, and $tupid Young. Additionally, he’s a member of the BeatJunkieMafia, a production label alongside Big Boo, JR, FB Productions, and Freddy Rugar.


His love for music doesn’t stop at just hip-hop, however. In his eyes, since music is universal, it’s of the utmost importance to be a universal producer. Whether it’s dancehall to R&B, Zay Coronado plans on being an international producer, rather than simply working within the sounds of his region. Going forward, he wants to expand his brand coast to coast, raising his own stature and sharing his talent with the masses.


SLAP sat down with Zay Coronado to learn more about him for Behind the Boards.



Songs to Know:


Almighty Suspect – “Poppin'”


Kee Riche$ – “14042”


Rucci – “Test Me”


DMB Gotti – “Go Bananas”


Vinny West -“Best Friend”


Rucci x 1TakeJay – “Backk & Better”



When and how did you get started with music?

“My 11th grade year, I had homies who were rapping at Serra, like MK and Kee Riches. We were in the same class, and I thought their raps was cool, so let me just start producing. I started sending them beats, initially trap beats, last summer going into Senior year.”


What program did you start off with?

“FL Studios because it was free. Not having a laptop made it pretty inconvenient. So, for Christmas, I asked for a laptop & said it was for “school work.” Right when I got it, been using FL studios ever since!”


Do you play any instruments?

“Yeah, I play piano.”


Who have you worked with so far?

“I’ve worked with Rucci, Almighty Suspect, Kee Riche$, $tupid Young, and Lil Cadi PGE. Also YBN Nahmir, but it’s not released yet.”


Which artist do you share the best chemistry with?

“Kee, Suspect, and Rucci & the rest of Mackk&CO.”


Most memorable studio experience?

“Anytime we in Big Boo’s Studio, it’s always a good time.” 


What’s your biggest inspiration?

“I carried the same work ethic from football over to music, once I got injured. I just wanted to show and prove to myself that I can get it on my own. My auntie was apart of Motown Records, my uncle engineered for Stevie Wonder, etc. But, I wasn’t close with my family, so I wanted to show that I can do this. Myself.”


Which artists are you trying to work with in the near future?

“Bino, Mozzy, Shoreline, YG, NBA Youngboy, Lil Durk, and Polo G.”


Which other genre sticks out to you?

“I don’t want to do LA beats all my life. I love LA music, and knew this could get my foot in the door. But, I love r&b and dancehall. When I went to visit London last year, I loved the sound they had out there and am trying to get into that type of sound as well. “