Yung Kazi- Toy

Yung Kazi is a multimedia artist specializing in sculpting, animation and and vocal performance. Hailing from L.A.’s Crenshaw District, the 22 year old writes all his own music and co-produces most of it, alongside his partner poshily.

His latest effort is the music video for “Toy.” This synth pop ballad is played out through stop motion animation. The song has an 80s retro energy while the video is nostalgic of claymation greats like Gumby, Wallace & Gromit, and Robot Chicken.

Derrick Broaster and Max Hype who are a part of his team called PRTND assisted on the animation side.

“I wrote the song last year after going through some shit with a shorty I was messing with at the time. I wanted to do claymation [because of] just watching shit like the PJs and Celebrity Death Match even Robot Chicken growing up definitely played a role, and I decided that the song really coincided with that art style visually. So I said fuck it and tried my hand at it and here we are with a masterpiece at the end of it all!”

The intro features an iconic sound byte from Tom Hanks as Woody in Toy Story. Additionally, Yung Kazi sings in live action with some psychedelic edits. Watch this visual masterpiece here.