Westside $tew’s ‘Dedication’ is a Fast-Paced Exercise in Shit-talking

Westside $tew has upped the tempo on his newest mixtape Dedication, switching it up from last year’s Fidel Cashflow Vol. 2. Talking his shit over fast paced beats, $tew showcases his originality through his unique sound and style.

Dedication’s 12 tracks include features from other members of the independent music group – MCF, which $tew proudly represents. WeezGB, Botiny, and WilcoxTheGeneral showed up with their own flair, adding dynamics to songs like “Boujee Cryp” and “What You Broke Foe.” Moosey Mula is another recurring name on the tracklist, appearing on five songs in total. The chemistry between all of them is undeniable, with their combined hunger pushing each other to be at their best.

As the project begins, it’s clear that Westside $tew came to portray his lifestyle as a LA native on the first song, “LA Bitches.” $tew and WeezGB share some freaky tales about local Los Angeles women; the beat alone is already ear catching, but when you listen to what’s being discussed, it’s even more attention grabbing. Calling out names with bravado, lines like “That one bitch Simone suck the dick til she get tired / she don’t know I fuck her homegirl, that bitch name Mya” show how their filter is close to none.

After featuring on two tracks from Fidel Cashflow 2, Botiny, who is known for his catchy bridges and verses, returns on Dedication with “Boujee Cryp”, which serves to be a fan favorite. The catchy hook, along with the high powered energy portrayed in each verse, makes it an automatic hit on the project.

Expect to hear more from Westside $tew in 2019, as he continues to release the music that made him on of our artists to watch this year.