Westside $tew has just dropped a mixtape, which safe to say, deserves a 10/10. Apart of the independent label, MĆF, $tew brings his own flair to the talented rap collective, who all bring their own sound of hard body, pure entertaining rap. From dropping his first mixtape in 2018, initiating the Fidel Cashflow series, $tew’s work ethic has been proven to be incredible due to the fact that he’s 5 projects in, and started just last year.

Westside $tew’s latest project, Make Sure You Play This MĆF, was released on all platforms on July 27, 2019. The project showcases the artist’s ability to be a diverse musician, and gives us a refreshing taste of various regional sounds, allowing him to tap into different markets. From Detroit, to the Bay, to that dirty south hard body rap, $tew’s album symbolizes the numerous regional influences he has had musically, on his journey as an artist; and how he’s able to incoroprate that with his own sound, to make him a monster on the mic. 

Make Sure You Play This MCF contains 15 songs, which equates to 40 minutes of skip-free bangers. It includes features from WeezGB, Hitta G, Moosey Mula, LoKlas.Taji, Cogo, and YungReg; with production from mostly Ricebovvl, with additional work frmo BeatBoy, Money, Reg, and more.

It’s hard to pick out stand out songs when each song is great in its own way. Each song gives you a different feel, and puts you in a different mental space with each listen. From the return of the comedic cameo-” DJ Little Head” on the project’s opener- “Money on the floor” to hearing $tew illustrate(s) his skepticism over loyalty and fame on “Part of the Game”. For example, if you are looking for songs to turn you up for the remainder of the summer, tap in with “All Gas”, “Good Drip”, “20 Bands”, “Grand Coupin’”,  & “All Summer”. Great energy. Great quality. A great 40 minutes for your ears!

Listen to the full project now! Available on all platforms.