Westside $tew’s latest project, Fidel Cashflow Vol. 2, is his greatest work yet. The immense energy he brought into the booth carries over onto every track of the album, making them pop impressively. On the intro, he brings to mind the essence of Snoop Dogg’s classic album Doggystyle, from the old school vibe in the beat itself to the classic radio DJ cameo.

$tew is one of the talents of the independent music group MĆF — Money Come First — which seems to be the theme he was portraying during this project. Songs such as “Cash Route,” “20k,” and “Run It Up” with the hook emphasize his mantra, as he raps “I just run it up, and I done touched so many strips / I done ran so many plays and bitch I just clocked in” on “Run It Up.”

MĆF is filled with a group of talented, rising rappers, with three of them appearing on this tape. Weezgb features on bass hitters such as “No Pressure,” “Cap’n,” and “Arriba,” the latter of which features booming production by upcoming talent Ricebowl. He also had a few features from MĆF’s own Botiny on “Run It Up” & “OutCalls,” as he raps “Come take this class with me baby, I can teach you how to ball hoe” on the latter.

Besides $tew’s crushing beat selection, his vocal delivery on the mixtape is delivery. He shows range throughout the album with a mix of sounds, with songs like “Death Before Designer” and “Stand Tall” much smoother and more laid back than the previously mentioned bangers. Every great rapper has the ability to motivate their listeners, and $tew does just that on the hook of “Stand Tall,” rapping “you gotta ball lil’ nigga, ball til’ you fall, never crawl lil’ nigga”

If you missed $tew’s performance at See LA Party, you’d be wise to tap in with him for his future appearances. As solid as the new Fidel Cashflow Vol. 2 is, we’re excited to see what he has in store for the future.