VonDon Talks His New Project ‘LA’s Finest’

On March 31, 2019, VonDon dropped his tape, entitled LA’s Finest. Later that same day, he was stunned to hear the news that LA had lost a true neighborhood hero in Nipsey Hussle, a legend in the district he was so proud to call home.

“He was the reason why I was so proud to scream I was from the district while living in Atlanta,” VonDon said. “RIP to Hussle, the Great.”

LA’s Finest is an appropriate title for a project by an artist who not only grew up in LA, but moved around the country to Houston, Seattle and Atlanta while still proudly claiming 52nd and Crenshaw. It’s the block that played a major role into making him who he is today, and he’s doing his best to honor it on his new album.

The 10 track project contains features from several LA noise makers, such as Rucci, Lil Cadi PGE, Kee Riche$, and more. The project’s sound is a combination of Los Angeles and Atlanta, natural from an artist who splits his time between the two cities. Songs such as “Homicide” or “A Walking Lick” are perfect when you’re looking for a track to blast through your speakers in traffic, while “Let Her Know” is a catchy hit for the ladies that gives the tape much needed balance.

The artist is also part of the Get Rich brand, alongside cousin Kee Riche$. Their philanthropic motive and energy behind the brand is certainly fulfilling, speaking to their focus on not only being good artists, but also community members. Von’s seen a lot as he’s moved about the country, so he feels it’s only right he uses his platform to touch the lives around him as well. From moving around to different parts of the country, he has seen a lot, therefore, knows it’s in his destiny to help improve the lives of many.

We caught up with Von to get some insight on him a got some insight about him as an artist as well as this new project.

When did you get into music, and how?

“I’ve been interested in music my entire life. There was never a point in which I lost interest. I went to college for audio engineering, which made me more focused. I then, took it to the next level, especially within this last year. Only going up from here. I’m a rapper and an engineer, but I would say rapping is my #1 passion.”

LA’s Finest. Tell us more about it.

LA’s Finest is to basically remember home, since I am in Atlanta a lot. This is my way to get tapped in with Atlanta, musically. Connecting the coasts. It’s a 10 track tape. Features from Rucci and BassSquad, Lil CadiPGE, Kee Riche$, and more. Production from Zay Coronada, & JR., as well as Will Steller, and DJ KillaCam.”

Your personal favorite track on the project?

“Homicide” with BassSquad Blackk, Lil Deuce, & Rucci. Gets me in my zone.”

Who have you worked with already & who are you planning to?

“Besides the GetRich team, I’ve worked with Molly Brazy, Julian Alexander, AZ Cult, Tokyo Vanity, 1Take, Rucci and the rest of BassSquad (Bossman, BassSquad Black, Lil Deuce), & Lil Cadipge. The plan is to collaborate with Tory Lanez. We’ll do some dope work together.”

How would you describe your music?

“There’s different sides. LA culture that meets a different wave. I’m able to connect it to a deeper, darker sound. West Coast vibes or a Tory Lanez type of vibe. It really just depends what mood I’m in. Diversity in music, just like the diversity in life and that’s due to me moving around a lot.”

Anything else?

“I’m a unique individual, with a unique story… Gotta really know me, to understand. Dig deeper, the rest will come.”