Trev Deshon- Stressin’

From acting to rapping, Trev Deshon, has showcased his passion in the arts and has made a name for himself through his work and incredible stage presence. His passion for performing made it a fairly smooth transition from the stage as an actor, to the stage as a rapper. Since 2016, Trev has released 5 projects and has shown tremendous growth throughout his journey. The energy he puts forth every time he spits on the mic symbolizes a lyricist who remains raw, authentic, and genuine, while giving his listeners something to ponder on. 

On July 19, Trev Deshon released his debut album, entitled Stressin’. The album features Casey Veggies, Xian Bell, Garren, Rome Castille, and Derrius Logan over 11 tracks. The album is a well put together body of work that goes into the journey Trev has had so far along his musical journey as well as the circumstances he faces on the way. I had the pleasure to speak with Trev right before the release to learn more about the Stressin’ artist. 

Where did you grow up?

South Central. Grew up on 95th and Budlong. Played basketball at Washington Prep. 

How did you transition into the rap world?

First it was basketball, then acting, which led to my passion for rap. I’ve always loved to write quotes. From doing plays and different acting gigs, it seemed as if my calling to be a rapper was clear. I performed a Kanye song in honor for my mom, and everyone told me I had the perfect voice, projection, style, and flow for it, so I ran with it.

What does Stressin’ mean to you?

Stressin’ is being crazy. Out of control. Stressin’ is for everybody! Whether its women that’s stressing you out, goals being postponed, not having enough money, or whatever is on your mind that’s causing you stress. This is the album for it!

What artists or albums have influenced your sound? 

Outkast albums for sure. Like ATLiens. Andre 3000 is my favorite rapper of all time. Q-Tip from a Tribe Called Quest, and Kanye, like the Late Registration project. 

Tell me about your new video “Greedy”

It’s dope! We rented out a coffee shop and were dressed as the workers. Cool Starbucks type of vibe. The song basically is about being greedy for a woman, and about patience. From being in an uniform to moving up to a suit, speaks of the promotional ideal of moving from worker to boss. 

What message were you trying to portray throughout the project?

Different positive virtues: Love, care, good vibes, showcasing positive energy, and pure encouragement.

You can watch the video for “Greedy” here now on SLAP: