TrapDes Wins with his Charisma on ‘The Problem’

TrapDes’s latest project The Problem opens with a verse from jail by Des’ homie Dody6, who’s been locked up for some time. Rapped through the phone, there’s no beat to back his attention grabbing words, but even still, the 30 second intro does much to set the tone for the rest of the project.

Once TrapDes takes over, he decorates the project with his clever style, packing these songs with imaginative threats like “I put holes in his shirt, I turned it into a jersey” on “Blast It.” The lines almost rip past you as you try to keep up with his momentum. Des has charisma in droves; his personality comes through with a tone that’s threatening yet playful, switching back and forth at his will. It’s a strong balance, but on The Problem, he’s leaning more into that sinister side to get his message across. Still, the lighthearted moments that appear rarely disappoint — of course, we’re partial to his “Shoutout to the SLAP” ad-lib at the end of “Pop It.”

The production and engineering feel like an improvement here. The beats feel big, dark, and orchestral, like on “Fortnite” and “Mobshyt” where the synths occupy most of the frequencies. Des manages to break through the dense productions with his shit-talking, aided by tasteful vocal layering that accents the delivery. Good Smee and fellow CNG Chucc drop off verses that bring dynamism, like on “Free Smee.” “Get It Get It Go” is similarly spirited, as he trades verses back and forth with Good Finesse. The beat is funky as hell on this track, and both artists respond accordingly.

The album ends in Des’s perfect form, with the building production of “The Right Decision” matching the chorus and immediately burning into your mind. The theme of this song wraps up the attitude Des takes on this project: you better think twice about testing him, because he’s ready for it. “Bitch you know I’m a problem, n***** gonna try me, L O L, Imma rob him” he raps on the outro track, while later proclaiming “Stupid, I’m a real cool guy but it don’t take much to lose it.”

Des feels at his prime here, proving he is once again a problem in the West Coast and one to watch this upcoming year.