The Prince Of LA – Come And Find Me (feat. Blueface and Almighty Suspect)

The Prince of LA taps in with two kings in Blueface and Almighty Suspect, creating a quick yet potent track in “Come and Find Me.” The Prince lays a hook that combines a smooth vocal delivery with typical tough talk, maintaining the song’s hard edge in the process.

“Come and Find Me” is a warning about testing him and his patience, so its fitting that he calls on two of the city’s best shit-talkers, Blueface and Almighty, to join him. Blueface’s sudden buzz has come from his ability to create sound bites that stick, with bars like “Play with my respect and it get grimy / anybody can get tested all it takes is perfect timing,” Meanwhile, the aggression that Almighty brings to the table rounds it off perfectly, just when you think the song couldn’t get any harder. Listen below: