Spiffie Luciano – They Don’t Love Me dir. GucciTutz

With his album Heart of a Lion on the way, Spiffie Luciano just dropped his first video from the project with visuals for ‘They Don’t Love Me.’ As always, it’s music delivered straight from the heart. Spiffie never holds back in voicing his thoughts and frustrations with the world he lives in, and ‘They Don’t Love Me’ calls out all the fabricated support being dished out by those around him. 

GucciTutz handles video direction, capturing shots of Spiffie and a few ladies with a cold, blue light cast on them. In addition to his usual street narrative, Spiffie calls out president Donald Trump saying, “Trump know we got the weapons tucked, we can’t let him get the best of us / Build a wall and we gon’ break it up.”