Shoreline Mafia – “Molly Water”

Shoreline Mafia puts a molly in their water and drink it up in their newest video, shot and edited by Voice2hard. The song “Molly Water” (produced by Ron-Ron) was a great way to solidify their most recent project, closing out their ‘OTXMAS’ EP on a high note. The song features both Fenix Flexin’ and Ohgeesy, while the visuals show them turning up with their squad with clips of concert footage added in.

The rap group has seen non-stop success, whether it’s tours, new hits, or albums. Shoreline Mafia has great management in TK Kimbro and Upandon1 under R Baron Group, and now they’ve just left again on their ‘Off The X’ tour that will be taking place Nationwide.

Watch below: