Saviii 3rd – Another Day prod. K. Wrigs

When it comes to charisma, Long Beach rapper Saviii 3rd is in his own lane. His distinctive voice comes through every track with wild expression and an incredible bite. He’s heavyweight lyricist, and often runs through his entire songs without relenting. Saviii 3rd is loyal to where he’s from an ‘Another Day’ focuses on those that threaten the ecosystem him and his set have built, over a gritty beat by K. Wrigs. This means he’s ready to take shots, and his throaty vocal style emits that aggression. His pride for his hood are displayed beautifully in the visuals by Chubb E. Productions, with the artist riding around and sitting atop of street signs.

Though Saviii immediately stands out for his delivery, his lyrics go deeper than just attitude. The way Saviii talks about living in the streets feels very mythical, like he’s a true disciple, delivering sermons like ‘Live by the gun, you die by it boy believe that.’ There’s something other worldly about the way he talks, like what he’s really getting at is a greater lesson in mortality. Whatever the lesson is, his music is dark and full of substance, presented by a personality that grows stronger with every release. Saviii is a stand out from start-to-end and is destined to grow the dominance he’s built in LBC to the rest of the West. Watch below: