Rob Vicious – Fast Life prod. Iceboi Soorma & Icyn8

We stumbled across a new Rob Vicious track today with ‘Fast Life’ prod. Iceboi Soorma & Icyn8. The song was premiered on a DJ PHAT RADIO mixtape. With Rob Vicious’ personal mixtape Traplantic rumored to be on the way, this song could be a kind of preview to the music we’ll be getting on there. 

One thing is for sure though, Rob Vicious has the versatility to thrive on his own. His music as a solo artist is more personal and darker than most of his songs with the rest of Shoreline Mafia. In ‘Fast Life’ we get much more vivid storytelling, with Rob walking us through his life prior to rap. 

Traplantic is gonna go crazy. Listen below: