Rit$y – “Blast Off”

 Photo credit:  @angeljosorio
Photo credit: @angeljosorio

Rit$y’s new music video for “Blast Off” holds up to exactly what big, brand name hip-hop looks like. He’s posted up with his crew spitting bars in front of his ride, sporting tiny bejeweled sunglasses and equally flashy chains. The video swaps between shots: him in his car with the windows down, then him in a green tinted light in front of a metal awning, the lens taking a wide angle to the scene.

The video relies a little too heavily on the lighting and special effects, but there are still a few moments of uniqueness. Moving portraits set in renaissance frames and rotating triangles that fly through the clouds set it apart, as well as moving shot of chinese lanterns and rotating diamond gemstones.

It’s not the most unique video, but it definitely gets the job done. Watch it below: