Reverie & Gavlyn – “Bout It, Bout It”

 Photo credit:  @enkyrpt_losangeles
Photo credit: @enkyrpt_losangeles

Reverie and Gavlyn have been on a mission their entire careers to prove that L.A. women spit the hardest, and now they’ve dropped off another reason why it’s foolish to doubt their talent. From Highland Park and San Fernando Valley, respectively, they’ve teamed up once again for another gem, showing that they’re “Bout It, Bout” it in their latest video.

Both artists star in the new clip, rapping casual bars on the porch steps like it’s nothing more serious than small talk about the weather. In addition to writing the song, Reverie and Gavlyn directed the video themselves along with Enkrypt Los Angeles and Louden, the latter of whom made the beat and has been a go-to producer for Reverie for years.

Fellow L.A. rappers Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab also have cameos in the video, making a community celebration that’s hard not to enjoy. Watch it all unfold below: