You can hear it in REASON’s voice when he speaks: the ravenous hunger, showing that there’s nothing else he wants to be except for legendary. It’s the reason why he delivers again and again on his TDE debut There You Have It, pouring his heart onto every track while bringing the perfect combination of trap and soul into one project. Each track embodies a different emotion than its counterpart, drawing you deep into each instrumental before you even realize it.

Once a local hoopstar, REASON eventually made the decision to change career paths and thus transitioned into music. He displays impressive growth and development through deep self analysis, outlining his transition from a boy into manhood. Standout tracks include “Better Dayz,” “Kurupt,” and “Colored Dreams/Killers Pt.2,” many of which get personal beyond what you might expect on the surface. REASON peels back the bandage covering his pain and airs out his wounds, describing the impact that drugs and gang life have had on him from a young age.

REASON consistently displays his versatility, transitioning through a range of sounds across each track. The Del Amo native pays homage to his birth place, as rough as it was, that molded him into the man he is today. California is prominent in REASON’s delivery all the way to the core, highlighted in his experiences and lyrics such as the ones that appear on “Kurupt”: “It’s Del Amo on this bitch, I learnt to talk that shit from Rosetta Stone / life a little rocky, get his pebbles on.”

REASON does not shy away from his personal life, instead going into an insane amount of detail to tell his story on the track. On the song “Colored Dreams/Killers Pt.2” REASON invites you to peek at a disgruntled and broken family, rapping “I know you feel like a failure to all your peers, mama you been a blessing to me / I been a curse since birth to you, made shit worse for you…”

Showing his brother, mother and friends all hanging by a thread, REASON makes you feel for his situation and empathize with the hurt he has been through. The entire project is handbook to the everlasting search for “Better Dayz,” resonating with listeners who realize there’s more to life than drugs, money and sex.

Overall, There You Have It will leave you thinking, and if you’re wise, initiate a self-actualization process. There’s extreme depth to what Reason says on almost every track, compelling you to listen intently to every word. From all areas of life, the listener will be able to take away something thought provoking, and change their life for the better. That’s not something you can say about every project these days, but this is certainly one of them that qualifies.