Prince Kofi – “Mr. Miyagi”

Prince Kofi is back with a new single called “Mr. Miyagi,” bringing a different flavor to the dinner table than what he came with on last years 5 Years in LA. Here, his rapid-fire, melodic vocal presence shows plenty of emotion, while also giving us a little bounce to go along with it.

Mr. Miyagi is the fictional karate instructor in the Karate Kid film series. Here, Kofi pictured himself in his shoes, fighting off demons around him while showing the characteristics of a true warrior.

The track starts off with Kofi singing “Mr. Miyagi, got me sippin on saki with mami / cita, her people my opps but I still won’t leave her.” It stems from a conversation with a recent love interest, the same love interest that helped him understand more about himself. Despite their differences, they soon grew closer together, with her becoming the reason why he was able to push through.

Certain people come into your life to help you discover your own strengths. Listen below, or click here to listen on your streaming service of choice: