Paupa Talks about Creating the Producer Palace on Behind the Boards

“Paupa got beats making history on God” – sound familiar?


If you’re tuned in with what’s happening in LA then Paupa’s tag certainly should ring a bell, as widespread as his tag has been in the city. Raised in California and Texas, Paupa discovered his interest in music at the young age of 10, when he first learned how to DJ. Two years later, he started creating beats, initially working in the iconic chopped and screwed style as he explored FL Studios. Now, he’s evolved to put his own spin on the West Coast sound, earning him collaborations with everyone from E-40 to Drakeo the Ruler, as well as a distribution deal with EMPIRE.

Many aspiring rappers turn to YouTube to seek Paupa’s beats, building his reputation across the country. When asked how he feels about people using his beats off of Youtube, the producer stated how even though he’s aware that some people may not take the correct route when it comes to obtaining beats, he still needs his credit. “If it’s my work, I need credit for it. Simple. Give credit to the producer.” 

We sat down with Paupa to learn more about him, as well as his own Producer Palace.

What’s your preference when it comes to the actual collaboration with an artist?

“When working with an artist I prefer to make beats beforehand. However, I like to be in the studio with them to see their reaction and to go from there. I can work well in any studio that has AC and is smoke friendly. 

The most important thing to me when it comes to collaborating with artist is good communication. Good communication makes the whole process of everything run better.”

Producer Palace – Tell us more about that.

“Producer Palace is a California based production team, and we have worked with various artists such as RJ, $tupid Young, Philthy Rich & RJ. Asides from myself, our current members include, Koast, FlyGuyVeezy, Jem, DJ Banks, Zo Beats, YoRittchieHitThatShit, Garza, Victerrific, Lil Tapri G & Leek. 

My intentions with the group is to bring together a community of not only my associates, but theirs as well, to provide an opportunity for all producers to be heard. I’ve been blessed to be in a position where if executed correctly I can change my life, and hopefully others. Anyone who knows me know I like to see everyone win.”

What are your 2019 goals?

 “I need to work with Pierre Bourne & Rihanna!”