Ohsea – “Blue Bird”

Ohsea is one of the founding members of California-based rap collective G.O.D.S. (Glory Of Destructive Societies). Originally hailing from Porterville, CA the 23 year old is now in Long Beach.

Now, his latest song “Blue Bird” is a nod to 90s hip-hop, with its g-funk vibe and VHS film quality. The new video was filmed by Ty De La Rosa and edited by Ingu, while the song is produced by Funkhouse.

“Blue Bird” comes from Ohsea’s EP AS I BURN, while earlier this month he dropped another project called Eastside. The G.O.D.S. have been hard at work this year, with members Ducey Guevarra and Aleman also releasing EPs on SoundCloud under the name Die $low Posse. The group is partially credited as whom Ramirez’s rap career began with, prior to signing with $uicideboy$’ Grey 5-9 Records in 2015.

Watch Ohsea walk through the liquor store and make a fine selection of a 40oz here.