Mike Jaye & 1TakeJay – You Know What I’m Sayin

The singing hook of You Know What I’m Sayin is an uncommon sound in the underground and it sets Mike Jaye’s track apart. He and 1TakeJay mumble a bit through their verses, talking about women, their priorities, & how they move. It’s what I imagine Drake sounded like before he went full sadboy. Don’t get me wrong, they still got their own mellow sound,and lyrics that are unique to their own artistry. This music video shows off this authenticity.

Ronnie Lewis (@Lewisyounasty) shot the music video for them. It moves like it should rap video – Mike Jaye and 1TakeJay tossing bars back and forth and rapping on rooftops, alleys, in front of cop cars, their car, and in the LAX baggage claim. They’re dressed up, swooshes on their chest and feet, Hennessy in their hands. It’s well done, casual, reflecting the same shit their lyrics do: a sound, a topic where we all know what they’re sayin, done their way.