Mike Crook – “Drop It Down” ft. 1TakeJay & Vinny West

Mike Crook has a hit with his new song “Drop It Down,” featuring guest vocals from 1takeJay and Vinny West. The producer works his magic on the keys to create a hard-hitting beat, complete with racing hi-hats that keep the energy up in the air.

1TakeJay enters with engaging delivery, handling the chorus before telling his girl exactly how he wants it during the first verse. Vinny West then keeps it going on the second verse, twisting his flow to uncover interesting rhythms that land perfectly over Crook’s bass hits.

Mike Crook’s been hard at work this summer, locking in the studio with Vinny West and 1TakeJay as well as staples in the city such as Blueface. Word on road is that the producer has his own mixtape on the way… you’d be wise to be on the lookout.