MCFtheARMY – FUCCtheOPS Mixtape

MCFtheARMY is a hip hop collective out of Midtown Los Angeles with a lot of talented rappers on  the roster. Their FUCCtheOPPS mixtape is a massive 26 song project from the five man rap group. WeezGB, WILCOXtheGENERAL, Westside Stew, HittaG & C5 make up the roster, which is full of talent. 

These guys are raw and unpolished, but you can hear the potential. There’s a natural aggression in MCF’s sound, and even when the delivery isn’t totally on point, the music still thrives thanks to their energy. They’re telling their story with no filter, refusing to water down the narrative of the life they live. 

With this many songs, you have a lot of ups and downs, but the highs are so damn good. ‘Bossed Up’ might be my favorite track after one listen, but the whole project is jam packed with unique street records. 

The chemistry on this team is instantly recognizable. Not only are they on the same page lyrically, but they seem to know how to adapt their flows depending on who else is on the song. Nothing is forced or fabricated. Listen below: