MaZhe – MesmeriZed

MaZhe’s “MesmeriZed” takes you back to summer mornings fresh out of a breakup, waking up to bittersweet images of your ex’s hips swinging their way through your mental. As minor chords loop over the subdued bassline with lackadaisical energy, his lyrics tug at the heartstrings, while MaZhe speaks on that tender feeling of being young and in love.

“You got me mesmerized, eyes on the prize / Simply looking at you might turn my whole damn body to stone,” he sings on the chorus, adding subtle melodies that give the song necessary dynamics. Throughout the song he raps casually, but the passion he puts into his words make them land with purpose, articulating every syllable so you hear each and every way he cares about this girl. Mixing hip-hop with elements of lo-fi, bedroom pop, it finds beauty in it’s plain nature: Something homemade, heartbroken, and heavy.

The music video is what truly shines, however. MaZhe gets creative in a simple setting, sitting across from his crush as the two of them eat a picnic-style breakfast. He’s acting a fool as he plays with his food with childlike wonder, drawing laughs from her as they smear cereal on their faces and struggle to express their feelings. It makes you smile throughout, as the cheesy captions flash across the screen and add context to their interactions.

Distinctly cut from his own style style, it’s a refreshing love song that’s made for sad boy hours. Watch the new video below.