LowTheGreat – VICKY (mixtape)

Just recently we hit a year of operation here @ SLAP, and in that time we have listened to a ton of hot songs produced by LowTheGreat. Whether he’s cooking up for the StincTeam, churning out hits with AlmightySuspect, or going stupid viral with AzChike for ‘Burn Rubber Again; Low can always be counted on to produce distinct, high quality songs for the streets. 

With the spotlight now returning to Los Angeles as a cultivator of hip hop’s future stars, it’s only right that the city’s producers enjoy some of the limelight as well. By dropping his own album Vicky, LowTheGreat is effectively inserting his name into the narrative of talent to watch here on the West Coast. 

The projects name comes from Low’s grandmother who passed away – Vicky. She appears on the project in a couple of skits, via voicemail. “My grandma was the greatest person in the world,” says Low. He didn’t always want to answer her calls while she was here, and he wants the project to remind you to pick up the phone, and appreciate the time you have with the people you love. 

Vicky is a massive body of work, with contributions from some of the city’s hottest talent, many of which are regular features here on SLAP. In addition to the guys named earlier, we get vocals from 03 Greedo, Kalan.frfr, AzSWAYE, AzBenzz, Fred Blaze, Gusto Leimert, Petty Petty, Nfant, Lucky Leek, GoGettaKB, DonnyLoc, JoogFTR & more. 

Production is handled entirely by LowTheGreat, who orchestrates some flawless beats for the 14-track project. Even though Low doesn’t rap, the HitMobMG producer’s sound and style influence just as much of each song as the artists laying down vocals. Most notably, ‘Do It’ feat. 1TakeJay & Nfant puts this on display, with LowTheGreat’s sample serving as a tone setter for the entire song. 

Low’s piano work is second to none, and he’s got a wide variety of sounds in his arsenal, adding up to a sound that is completely his, and instantly recognizable if you pay attention to the producers pushing LA hip hop back into the forefront. 

Producers need more credit, more press & more money. LowTheGreat isn’t going to wait around for people to give it to him; he’s going to pump out music that is so good and so infectious that you can’t help but give him what he deserves. 

Listen to Vicky below: