Lil Cadi PGE – “The Marathon Must Continue”

On March 31st 2019, the world was stunned to learn the news that Crenshaw legend Nipsey Hussle had been shot and killed outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. As the entire city was shaken up by the news, a rapper by the name of Lil Cadi PGE paid tribute with a new video called “The Marathon Must Continue,” filmed at Nipsey Hussle Square with clips of Cadi along with fans morning Nipsey’s untimely death at his storefront.

Lil Cadi was not only inspired by Nipsey’s music, but was close to him and looked up to him as a big brother. In 2014, the South Central made an appearance on Nipsey’s Mailbox Money mixtape, spitting an acapella freestyle at the end of “Status Symbol.”   

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will forever live on and continue to make an impact, whether you’re from LA or not. An intergral, positive influence on his community Nipsey reportedly hired or assisted over 40,000 people during his lifetime, opening multiple businesses in Los Angeles and working to revamp several local schools..

Nipsey’s Memorial was held on April 11 at Staples Center, followed by a 25 mile funeral throughout the city. Fans from Inglewood, Watts, Crenshaw and more came together to celebrate Nipsey’s life as he made his final Victory Lap, touring the city he loved so much before finally being laid to rest.

Check out the heartfelt video here: