Leven Kali – “NunWrong With a Lil’ Good Lovin'”

 Photo credit:  Justin Sardo
Photo credit: Justin Sardo

Earlier this year Leven Kali dropped off a three song collection called ‘Cave Music,’ and now he’s giving another compact body of work in ‘NunWrong With a Lil’ Good Lovin’’, two full-length tracks that make October feel a bit like August.

“Nunwrong” leans on a hazy, almost jazzy guitar riff that holds the entire song up. Leven Kali does a great job of balancing his vocals throughout the song, letting you hear every element of the soundscape at once. The lyrics make you think of simple love as he sings “girl I need for you to hold my hand,” his voice echoing ever so slightly every time the chorus hits. It’s reminiscent of those end of summer sunsets, keeping a relaxing warmth from the calm fade in to the almost Cuco inspired Jazz trumpet riff at the end.

As soon as it’s over, Kali singing “I need my!” at the start of  “Good Lovin’” picks you right back up. Funky keyboard chords replace the hazy guitar riff and the beat intensifies, with claves coming in on the off beat. You feel it in your hips; the warmth from “Nunwrong” carries right into “Good Lovin’,” the funk settling in right away. He sings on top of the beat as the song swirls around him, contrasting the slow nature of the previous song with an amped rhythm, that channels into your shoulders and makes you want to move.

Currently supporting Snoh Aalegra as she rounds out the West Coast dates of her tour, Leven Kali’s two-pack is a fresh, much needed callback to summer. With the album on the way, he’s keeping his sound in the back of our minds in anticipation for what is about to happen when he’s home free.