Leven Kali Completes His Impressive 2018 with “I Get High When I Think About Us” EP

 Photo credit:  Tommy Nowels
Photo credit: Tommy Nowels

LA crooner Leven Kali returns with a quick 3-track EP in I Get High When I Think About Us. His releases have always been concise, but they never fail to hit, with his unique style that brings a blend of sounds to the table.

”Mine” arrives with a gospel essence, with a sonic landscape that builds into an interesting atmosphere with colorful vocal layers, flanged bass and meandering synths. He takes more risks on this one that he has on his previous releases, and it really pays off. This song contains multiple movements, but doesn’t dissipate in its ability to captivate.

“Thursday” is similarly layered, and channels a beautiful energy with its many strings and sparkly keys. He leans more into the quiet storm aesthetic here with reserved drums and muted bass. The plain lyrical content matches this theme, as he sings about laying around and enjoying the melancholy nature of the week, while leading up to the magic of a Thursday night. His vocal chops come through cleanly as well, as he fills the empty space of the subdued instruments with colorful runs.

Finally, “Too High” features Buddy and Na’kel Smith who both fit wonderfully into Kali’s backdrop. Both their lyrics involve smoking, which is the central theme of this EP: getting high and relaxing with or thinking of that special someone. Here, the lush production augments that feeling of warmth, with swirling guitars that create a kaleidoscope of colors.

Leven Kali is slowly carving his place among some of the most decorated R&B Angelenos, an elite group anyone would love to be a part of. It’s clear that Kali’s putting that work in, and the fruits are delicious.