LA Takes NY: Inside Shoreline Mafia’s Only The Xclusives Tour

Photo credit: Yatta

From coast to coast, LA knows how to show out! Last week, 1Take Jay, AzChike, Rucci, & Kalan.Frfr opened up for Shoreline Mafia in New York City, turning up the crowd with some West Coast love before bringing out the headlining group.

The natural energy they brought to the stage was truly amazing, and it’s safe to say that New York caught an instant vibe with these talented LA artists. As different as the dominant sounds from each city are, that’s definitely something they should take pride in, connecting with fans on the opposite coast and turning them into believers. Big shoutout to Shoreline Mafia for showing love to LA rappers, and giving them an opportunity to expand their platform.

Here are the songs from each artist that connected the most with the crowd:

Kalan.Frfr – “Fine Ass”

 Photo credit:  Yatta  Photo credit: Yatta

Kalan.FrFr kicked off the show by performing songs from his EP, TwoFr. His song “Fine Ass” was a fan favorite during his set, especially for the ladies.

Rucci – “El Salvador”

 Photo credit:  Yatta  Photo credit: Yatta

Rucci’s bilingual nature makes it even easier for him to appeal to multiple cultures. He does just that in his song “El Salvador,” incorporating Spanish into the song to just make it that much greater.

1TakeJay – “Hello”

 Photo credit:  Yatta  Photo credit: Yatta

1TakeJay engaged with the crowd in a unique way by asking them to find his phone; all the audience heard was the standard iPhone ringtone, also the intro to his recent hit “Hello.” The crowd was caught off guard when the beat finally dropped, but immediately started to turn up anyway.

AzChike – “Big Chop”

 Photo credit:  Yatta  Photo credit: Yatta

Fans were loving Chike’s “Big Chop” due to the energy the song gives off, with its infectious beat that forces you to hit a little dance. His ability to ride the beat with a simple yet catchy format is irresistable, instantly making you attracted to his distinct flow and voice.

1TakeJay, Rucci, and AzChike also recently collaborated on another hit, “Tax Season” produced by MikeAlmighty, which you can listen to below. Keeps tabs on each of them as well as Kalan.Frfr!