King TU – Doubted (mixtape)

King TU has been building a steady buzz since last year, leading up to the release of his first official mixtape – Doubted. It’s a 12 song collection of street records from a guys that knows how talk shit with the best of them. Whether it’s with his creative metaphors or with his slurred yet controlled delivery, King TU can always captivate. 

Doubted has some of King TU’s more notable records on it like “I’m The One” & “Overdose,” but it’s the records we hadn’t heard before that really show his growth. “Probation” combines King TU’s storytelling with his ability to find creative ways to slide over the beat. Sometimes he seems to fit extra words into lines, creating space by using a choppy, unorthodox flow. 

With so many LA rappers rising to success right now, King TU is probably not on the casual fan’s radar, but if you’ve been watching his growth like we have, you know how much star power this dude has. He’s now racking up thousands of views a day and is building a true fanbase from the ground up. 

Features include 1TakeJay, Yg Nero, Johnny Rose & MNS Dank – all guys that King TU had collaborated with before. While he probably could’ve landed bigger names, his choice to work with those around him pays off in the tape’s organic energy. 

Production is handled by LowTheGreat, Bruce 24K & Scratch Go Crazy. This gives the tape’s sound some diversity without being all over the place. LowTheGreat’s trademark sound dominates but the other producer’s provide a refreshing change of pace as well. 

King TU can’t be ignored. His time may not be right this second, but it’s coming. With connections to the artists that are starting to really pop, as well as his DMB crew, King TU’s got a lot of momentum, and we’re pretty positive he’s going to find a way to capitalize.