Kee Riche$ is Putting in the Work to Help his Whole Community ‘Get Rich’

From creating hits in the booth to serving those in his community, Kee Riche$ has been showing day to day progression not only as an artist, but as a man of his word. The Compton native is making it clear that one of the priorities behind his Get Rich brand is to serve the same streets that raised him into who he is today, and he’s been doing all he can to make that impact.

This past Christmas, Kee Riche$ helped organize a toy drive along with two of his counterparts, working diligently to make a positive difference for the families.

“I had tweeted I wanted to do a toy drive,” he said about how it all came together. “Then, Leroy, another one of the organizers, told me how he tries to do an event every year. He said we can do it & we did just that, made it happen.”

The toy drive was held in the same park that they grew up in, Gonzales Park in Compton, CA. Once people started flocking to the event, Kee and his cohorts provided toys, food, and activities for all the children, making it a fun, family-filled day.

“A good amount of people really took the time out to say thank you to us, a few people prayed over us and just the overall feeling was overwhelming,” he said. “With the toy drive, seeing how excited the kids got was big for me, and getting them to gather around and say ‘Merry Christmas’ was a good feeling.”

Since then, the Raised Off Rosecrans artist stepped it up at Centennial High School, calling on hundreds of men to help teach the young students how to properly tie a tie. “Most of them unfortunately don’t have a father figure,” he said. “So, as a man, it’s important to step up and give off your knowledge to those who come after you.”

Kee explained how each male student and volunteer were paired up to not only give a tie-tying tutorial, but to pass down advice and wisdom as well. Whether it were things they wish someone told them while growing up, or just a man-to-man talk, Kee noted how hearing their stories and learning more about their lives had a huge impact on him.

“Being able to inspire those kids, hearing that some of them don’t even have plans for the future stood out to me,” he said. “Shit like that makes me wanna go harder.”

Speaking on what motivates him to become a positive presence in the community, Kee mentioned how it all comes back to his motto, and for his desire to see the people around him live up to their full potential.

“Everything ties into get rich; that’s the dream, that’s the inspiration,” he said. “I’m inspired by my hood and my section. I see people whose lives could be way different if they change the mindset they’re in, and that’s a big push on me. Trying to show people it’s another way outta here, and that it’s legit.”

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