Kee Riche$ – Get Rich 2

Compton’s most formidable track star Kee Riche$ has wrapped up his second lap with his sophomore album Get Rich 2. Kee is one of the more consistent artists that we cover on SLAP, always delivering with music that gives us both meaningful lyrics & energy that instantly resonates with hip hop fans of all generations. 

Get Rich was like a declaration or announcement of arrival for Kee, while it’s successor seems more like a reminder. He’s put in work with successful records and shows (Shoreline Mafia’s OTX Tour), and he has a sense of entitlement throughout Get Rich 2. With talent as big as his, we don’t blame him for feeling like he deserves some recognition. 

Not to say that it’s a boastful collection of songs – it definitely isn’t. Kee is modest and honest as he talks about his life growing up, as well as the life he lives now. But, it’s the way he delivers these lines. You can tell he knows what he’s doing. 

Always an open-minded collaborator, Kee taps in with a wide variety of producers for the project. He seems intent on helping shed some light on the city’s young beatmakers by linking with YikeMike & JR, as well as RadioAktive, Duse Beatz, TeeGee, Arcraze, LP, Bomb & Kee’s label head – DJ A-Tron

The feature list is small, yet effective. 1TakeQuan crashes onto ‘Ain’t Bout It’ with the aggression that we have come to expect from him, while CB4’s unrelenting honesty on ‘All My Life’ is enough to give you chills. Most of the project, however, is Kee by himself, proving how skilled he is as an individual artist. 

Get Rich 2 has music for all your moods, whether you’re partying or in need of some reassurance on your own marathon. Kee’s usually got the right thing you need to hear. Listen below: