Kee Riche$- From Broke to Rich

From putting an exceptional amount of effort into bettering his community, to having a growing clothing brand, to spending countless nights in the studio, it is to no surprise that Kee Riche$ keeps himself busy.

The newest piece the artist adds to his catalogue, is his project From Broke 2 Rich. The theme relates to the project’s title, as Kee Riche$ expresses his personal narrative on his journey on his own marathon to success. The Compton native allows you to follow his journey towards his marathon to success through visual lyricism over bass hitting beats. You can tell Kee’s has been putting his all and arguably his best project by the energy he feeds off throughout the project. The tape features production from JR, Zay Coronado, Will Steller, Yung Nothing, & Scott Patrick.
The project starts off with its firs track – “From Broke 2 Rich”. The story from how he went from broke to rich, as he raps through the beat produced by JR.

As the tape goes, a standout track was “Clear My Chest” as the artist did the entire track a Capella, allowing you to feel and envision every line he speaks.” Other standout tracks include “Back To the 90z”, as Kee narratives a day in the west over a g-funk inspired, hard hitting beat. The entire From Broke 2 Rich speaks volume.