Kee Riche$ – “14042”

Kee Riche$ delivers the visuals for his new track “14042,” directed by Dundee Films. The song (produced by Zay Coronado) is the intro from last year’s Raised off Rosecrans, and now in the video he’s once again focused on looking at life within his own community. Kee reps his city and lets listeners get a taste, as he raps “Let me take you on a trip to the Westside / Raised off Rosecrans, bitch im from the best side.” At the ending of the music video Kee Riche$ pays tribute to Drakeo the Ruler’s “Big Bank Uchies,” reenacting the intro to the song while giving him a shoutout.

Raised off Rosecrans it’s a must listen; if you still haven’t heard it, you’re only hurting yourself. Kee’s not only made an impact through the music, but he’s also been active helping out his city by hosting Toy and food drives for the holidays. Just recently, he took it upon himself to visit his local high school, stopping by to teach the young men how to tie a tie. Kee’s on his way up, and he’s doing it for the right reasons. Check out the video here: