KB Devaughn – Rough Draft

KB Devaughn has built momentum from his last project that had people go crazy who had been missing some gritty, soulful and lyrically-oriented hip hop. His latest release, however, is born from un-ideal circumstances. The artist’s hard drive was recently corrupted, causing him to lose all of the music he had been keeping on deck to release soon. The small collection of songs “Rough Draft” are what the author was able to scrape together after searching through emails. It seems like the release of these unmastered tracks are a way for the artist to air his frustration and have some catharsis following the loss of all his music.

Why we come to truly admire KB Devaughn is how even his ‘throwaways’ sound so carefully crafted and put-together you can’t help but respect the artistry. Almost all produced by ANTDAWG, these songs are filled with colorful instrumentation and shimmery vocal samples that always sound gospel-infused. KB Devaughn’s deep, commanding voice always takes center-stage with expressive lyrics guiding you through every track. His approach is focused, with songs having clear themes, like the opening track ‘Famous’ where he expresses his disinterest in creating a media persona in order to sell records. But his talent isn’t confined to words, frequently showcasing his ear for melodies and harmonies, most evident on songs like ‘All Right’ where the melody drives the song. Epic Must Die hops on a couple of the songs, providing a change of pace from KB’s solemn, icey energy. 

It’s clear this artist has all the raw talent to go the distance, and every project, even the ones not meant for release, has built a strong catalog. Listen below: