Kalan.frfr – TwoFr

Kalan.frfr is a little over a week removed from dropping his latest mixtape TwoFr, and it’s impact has already been huge. Each song is over 35K listens on SoundCloud, and for good reason… this is the perfect music for summer. 

Kalan’s comfort with his own sound and voice is what makes him so good. He’s got his melodies and cadences practically down to a science, finding new ways to make auto tune sound even better.

One thing Kalan does better than most is to stay in his comfort zone. While he experiments a lot with his vocals, he knows what beats are going to bring the best out of him. Production from Paupa, Hollywood, Blast, Bruce24K, Jay P Bangz & YoRittchieHitThatShit seems tailor made for Kalan’s pop-rap style, and he never seems to be forcing anything on the project. 

‘Right Wit It’ with G Perico & Chris O’Bannon is an instant favorite, but there isn’t a single song on the tape that you want to skip. Kalan.frfr might be LA’s most consistent artist in terms of quality. You may have to wait a bit longer, but you can hear the progress with every release. This is a true hitmaker in the making, with a ceiling that doesn’t seem to exist if he continues to get better.