Kabwasa – “Louder for the People in the Back”

Showcasing both versatility and groove, Kabwasa returns to the LA music scene with his EP Louder for the People in the Back. The Watsonville native starts the listener off with smooth lo-fi beats with “Salt N Pepa” and “Strangers,” while he showcases his lyrical skills over hard-hitting trap beats on songs like “Minorities.” Currently a junior at USC, he recruits fellow students Bran Movay and Clarence The Kid on the mellow cut “Black,” which focuses on what it truly means to be black in 21st century America.

Born and raised in Watsonville, CA, Kabwasa is no stranger to the daily struggle that all minorities face. With this EP, he says he hopes to “address what it means to be a minority in America and say it loud and proud enough for even the people in the back to hear. Even the people in the back that are barely listening.”

Although each track on the EP has a mind and a message of its own, Louder for the People in the Back exemplifies Kabwasa’s desire to explore different styles of music and showcase his flow over whatever rhythm he encounters. Listen below: