Joe Moses – SuWop EP

Joe Moses knows his moment is now, and he’s certainly aiming to make the most of the opportunity. Earlier this year he announced his signing to Atlantic Records and Ty Dolla $ign’s THMVMNT label, and now he’s making the celebration official on his new SuWop EP. The project is as steeped in the traditional West Coast sound as you’d expect from a rapper who’s long been a veteran on the scene, but also highlights his ambition to elevate his status on the national scale, and make himself into a true household name in the process.  

SuWop shows Joe Moses returning to making music that feels true to himself, focusing on his lyrical content while telling stories central to his identity. The EP closes with “Good Dad,” a sincere acknowledgment of his shortcomings with the women in his life and his desire to be better. “I let this life take a bond we both once had / and when she see my name in lights, she get so sad,” he raps on the chorus, over pensive production that allows the narrative to hold the spotlight. On “16s,” though, he takes pride in his career successes over a luxurious saxophone loop, creating that well-earned feeling of accomplishment when looking out the window of a lofty corner office.

Moses is well-connected in the music industry by now, and calls on several of his friends to lay a verse on his EP. Snoop Dogg, Future, Wiz Khalifa and RJMrLA all come through and rarely disappoint; his collaboration with Wiz on “Bag” stands out especially, as the Pittsburgh rapper glides over the melodic beat with his signature relaxed swagger. Elsewhere, Future and RJMrLA inject a shot of energy on “Back Going Brazy” and “One Time,” respectively, with the latter impressing with its menacing production and riot-inducing hook.

With added resources at his disposal and a mind focused on his progress, expect more moves from Moses sooner rather than later. Until then, do yourself a favor and check out the new SuWop EP below.