Jetpack Jones – Nu Cru feat. Hippie Trap Goddess (Prod. By The Flip Gawd)

The Jetpack Movement has been elevating all 2018, and it’s clear there’s still plenty of fuel in the canister. Just before he drops off two new albums this month, the extremely talented Jetpack Jones links with Las Vegas producer Flip Gawd as well as Hippie Trap Goddess for a wonderful iced summer track, “Nu Cru.”

Nu Cru opens with Jones’ subtle melodies, as he sings and speaks over a bsd.u / Philanthrope type minor key piano riff. The calm drum sequence props up the track, as his organic, harmonized voice sings “You lookin out for them but they aint checkin for you / well, you probably need yourself a new crew.”

Hippie Trap Goddess comes in for one verse. The South Central rapper speaks about the challenges of her world, juxtaposing the melancholy melodies Jetpack sets up. She expands to talk about the trials of growing up in her neighborhood, but despite the gloom, she presents us with the silver lining that after her worrying, she’ll still be okay. Her words are equal parts poetic and pensive: “It feel like life keep painting pretty scars upon my little heart / To show me that there’s beauty even when I’m in the dark.”

“Nu Cru” is blue from chords to chorus. The voices, both deep, compliment each other well, in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of other thoughtful artists such as Noname. It’s the perfect summer song— something cool to fight off the heat, and something encouraging you to move forward.