Jetpack Jones – ‘Good Memory’ EP

Jetpack Jones is celebrating his birthday by releasing another EP, only a month after he dropped two new albums in August. Now, his Good Memory project is a more compact listen-through, featuring production from The Trackaholics as well as a host of other names.

The soundscape is mellow and contemplative throughout, seeing Jetpack rhyme self-therapeutic lines that contain relatability for others. “9 Past 9” is one such standout, seeing Jetpack spill his mind over a watery instrumental with lyrics like “Make some noise if you used to want to die, now you fly, now you fly, now you fly / Make some noise if you still, want to doy, now you fly, either here or in the sky.”

Jetpack’s recent output has been ferocious, and the quality of his music has been more than enough to match. Stream his new Good Memory EP below: