Jetpack Jones Drops Off a Mellow Gem on his ‘Goats’ EP

Coming off of a four project year in 2018, Jetpack Jones is returning with another evolution in his artistry on his newest EP GOATS. He’s a leading member of the Jetpack Movement collective, and he’s been doing it his way for a minute; if you’re not tuned in yet, you’re sleeping on a huge force in the underground.

This album, a compilation of fairly mellow rap, is somewhat reminiscent of Earl Sweatshirt’s latest project, Some Rap Songs. Both albums touch on the lo-fi hip-hop sound that is lighting up all across SoundCloud and YouTube, in an efficient manner with songs that hit quick and hard. On GOATS, many tracks are under three minutes, with consistent changeups between songs that keep the listener on their toes. It’s an album that you could listen to multiple times in one setting, without getting bored with the sound.

GOATS accomplishes this in an especially inventive way. There’s a cohesiveness to the soundscapes that link the tracks together, with enough variation to where it doesn’t sound too repetitive. Jetpack isn’t afraid to have fun over the synths as he switches up his delivery, while also varying the beat at least once on each track. The same applies to the instruments, which are plentiful as ever to fill out the background nicely.

The tracks throughout the EP are very effectively layered. Jetpack excels at keeping a deep, almost G-Funk esque bassline to ground his songs, while lofty keys riff over the top of it. “Changed My Mind” is a good example of that, with roughly five independent sounds that  all mix well with each other. It’s something you can sit down and vibe out to, or let it play in the background only to get pulled back in by some unexpected musical composition.

If there’s an area where he could improve, it would be by increasing the lyrical depth in each song. Many of the songs include solid choruses that are frequently repeated, which certainly does much to make each groove more infectious. It’s catchy and works well in terms of getting us to remember the songs, but if he manages to push his lyrics to the next level, he’ll be able to elevate his sound even higher.

Still, the whole of the Jetpack Moment has the branding down pat, with a well-executed website to display their merch, music, and socials. They have the beats, good musical depth and plenty of variation, with a good grasp on where rap music is today. GOATS is another step forward for them; with an extra push lyrically, they could truly shoot off in 2019.