JAG Keeps His Momentum Rolling With ‘2700’ EP

In 2017, JAG’s debut album Dalton Ave illustrated his life as a youngin’ growing up in the streets of LA, and how it molded him into the artist he is now. A year later, he still demonstrates his ability to bring that explosive lyricism, while also showing range and flexibility over beats with a smoother, R&B-tinged vibe on 2700.

Even before getting into the music, JAG’s opening eyes wide with the parade of names he’s assembled onto the tracklist. The project contains 12 tracks with an impressive lineup with features, including Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and Cozz — just to name a few.

Still, he’s not forgetting where he came from; “Still got the EBT so I’m eating for free when a young nigga pop in at Dennys” he raps on “The Nomo Years (Intro),” keeping it authentic even as he progresses. On this song and others, it’s clear that his strong, metaphorical lyricism is nothing to play with, treating hip-hop purists to a bar-filled celebration.

“Black Boy Rise” reflects the progress he’s made as a black man, proudly announcing how the whole world will be able to see his come-up. Aggressive electric guitars increase the intensity, but by “Saturday Night” it’s a much more relaxing soundscape, containing an effortless old school groove that makes you want to grab a cup and hit your two step.

Even once it’s all over, he makes it clear that there’s still more to come — “I guess we’ll call this the outro, I don’t like to end shit off because we aren’t going anywhere,” he says on “Sham God (Outro).” JAG lets you know that he’s here to make a statement, and that statement is impossible to overlook. Whether you’re a fan of real rap lyricism or the poetic vibe of R&B, there’s something for you on 2700.