Hollywood Talks Producing, Meeting Nipsey Hussle: Behind the Boards

Produced by Hollywood, but made in South Central. The HITMOB producer has made a name for himself through collaborations with artists such as Roddy Ricch, DonnyLoc, Joe Moses, and 1TakeJay. Additionally, he’s been responsible for some of the streets’ biggest hits, such as “Star” by KalanFrFr & “Get That Check” by Lil Cadi.

We spoke with him to find out a little more about the real Hollywood. 

How’d you get into producing? 

“I was in the 8th grade going into high school. Went to Westchester. It’s crazy because at first, I wanted to be an engineer or a contractor. My dad wanted to be an artist and I had an uncle who was already one, which was already great motivation. Motown records tried to sign him the day he died…RIP.

But, my homeboy wanted to be a rapper, and he said he needed beats. I was already familiar with FL Studios because of someone I grew up with. Messed with it here and there, then I learned more, & started to work with different people. Looking up to Mustard, seeing what he was doing, realizing I can make a lifestyle out of it.” 

“Get That Check Right” – How did you feel when you heard that on the radio?

“It felt unreal to be honest. I felt happy because I seen the evolution in my music. Big for sure. But I didn’t expect that song to be as big as it was. I was shocked, but felt real good about it. Me and Cadi made that song in 2016. Cadi will keep his lyrics and use it til he found a perfect beat to match. So, in early March of 2018, tried it again. Then it went up from there.”

Songs to Know:


Kalan.Frfr – “Star”


DonnyLoc – “Like I Do”


Lil Cadi PGE – “Get That Check Right”


Kalan.Frfr – “Thugga Baby”


1TakeOcho – “All the Time”


GoGettaKB – “Rags to Riches


What was your most memorable studio experience?

“With Nipsey Hussle. 2nd time I met him. He called the homie (Cadi), and said he wanted him to record a song off his IG. It wasn’t even my song but I was apart of the process. The energy in the room was amazing. Special presence for sure. At the end he asked for my name for he was familiar with my face already but he wanted to know exactly who I was.”

Biggest inspiration?

“Producer wise, Dr. Dre, Zaytoven, and especially Mustard when I started. But the entire HITMOB is who inspires me now. I look at my own homies as my inspiration. They’re close to me, if they can do it, I can do it…” 

If you have a favorite artist to work with, who is it and why? 

“I don’t have a favorite, but if I had to choose, Donny Loc. In the studio, his work ethic is dope. I can pull out any beat and he gonna have something ready for it..”

Another genre you’re interested in?

“Pop & more reggae. Like do some stuff with Ziggy Marley.”

How would you describe your sound?

“Music that you’ll cruise through the city to…driving down the freeway, with good views. Hollywood hills. Palm trees. Sitting on the island.” 

Sample or from scratch?


Favorite song you’ve produced?

“Better Than My Ex” by PapaXO.