Hitta G- Unmatched

Hitta G, apart of the MoneyComeFirst collective, has dropped a solo tape, entitled Unmatched. From playing around with music since 2013, to taking a serious turn on it in 2017, Hitta G, as well as the rest of MCF, are here to say that their talents are truly – Unmatched.  The project is pleasantly diverse when it comes to the tone, vibe, and delivery he is able to execute, from hard knocking beats to intense lyricism, perfect for sliding in traffic. UNMATCHED includes features from TeeCee400, Kyle Banks, and Westside $tew. As well as production from BeatBoy, RiceBovvl, and Bankroll Dani. 

    The songs on the tape showcase the ability for the artist to portray different sounds to appeal to different ears. The project starts off with the track “Having My Way” with TeeCee400, produced by Ricebovvl, a song that gives you that bounce! The track is followed by “Foreign Bitch” which gives us a different feel and taste compared to the rest of tracks where he does some singing on the hook, a great summer song for the ladies. On the next song, “Heater”, Westside $tew hops on the hook as Chakarra embodies the second verse. It’s the perfect song to blast while you’re going 90 on the freeway. Safe to say, every song is worth playing. 

What are 3 adjectives that you feel best describes the tape? 

“Energy, Culture, Strategy” 




What was the focus of UNMATCHED?

“This tape’s main focus for me were diverse vibes that are able to connect. I want people to feel my emotion change from song to song..whether it was aggressive, player, or just relatable. Every track has a story, just like we all do. It’s hard to keep people interested for your whole story. However, my story is Unmatched, none like it.”



Musically, where do you see yourself in a year? 

“LA is on the rise. I see myself holding a platinum plaque, a year from now,  under United Masters.” 



Favorite song on the tape & why? 

“’Watch Yo Bac’ because it’s the most relatable one!” 




HITTA G is excited to take over the city along with the other members of the independent musical label, Money Ćome First (MĆF).


This project & the “skip” button will have 0 correlation. Play fully from start to finish. The artist’s growth has been extremely impressive, and we are excited to hear and see more from him. 

We can be expecting new visuals from HITTA G coming very soon…