Hitta G- Crazy/Frito Layy ft.CNG Chucc

MoneyĆomeFirst Collective Hitta G gives fans a Visual for his first track “Crazy” off “Nightmare on St. Elmo Street” EP. The video shot by _LV.3 begins off with a random footage of Hitta G and WeezGB smoking cookies in a car following with some trippy visuals and Special effects including a shot of Hitta G sitting down venting to himself. 

Not only was the video for the first track off the EP released but the video for the second track called “Frito Layy” (feat. CNG Chucc) produced by LowTheGreat. The video shot by Voice2Hard was filmed outside of a LA Liquor as CNG and Hitta G rap about getting chip like Frito Lay while snacking on Frito Lay chips. Voice2hard even included a hilarious shot of 2 ladies leaving the liquor dancing when they found out they would featured in the music video. 

Check out the Video here: