HeyDeon – “Nothin’ 2 Prove”

HeyDeon’s newest single, “Nothing 2 Prove” is absolutely incredible, beautifully shooting the gap between the two sounds he was playing with. He’s not lying when he declares “My music uplifts, it’s exciting” during the bridge, as it’s probably be the best way to characterize this track as well as his overall sound.

The upbeat guitar riff that the entire song builds around is textbook Deon. It’s a simple but catchy, allowing plenty of room for the rest of the arrangements. Toward the second half, he incorporates the joyful trap sounds that he was playing with on “Peace” and “Dreams,” but does so in a way that doesn’t overpower the rest of the track.

He’s found his footing with production, and this is the result: an acoustic yet fresh sound that oozes with color. Thank you, Deon. You got your sound, now give us more.

Listen below: