HeyDeon – “No More”

HeyDeon’s latest track “No More” is a stellar listen, arriving with a much softer presence than his previous sound. The drop sees the Long Beach artist rapping and singing over the slower instrumental, rounding out his sound well and going in a different direction than the majority of his February project FOUND.

The track opens with a solid snare, that moves into a simple yet catchy guitar riff. He sings right along, and throughout most of the track, sings his own backup vocals as well as the main notes. His singing voice brings nice contrast to the song, deeper and more relaxed than what he sounds like when he raps.

Lyrics about heartbreak and fading smiles fit in well with the echoing vocals, crooning singing, and jazzy guitar riff. It’s a crisp, much needed song that fits with orange leaves and pumpkin flavors of fall that are emerging in these next few months. Listen below: