HeyDeon Blends Soulful Sounds With the Arcade on ‘Sucker For Love’

If you love smooth R&B, arcade-like production, and positive lyrics, HeyDeon’s Sucker for Love is a gift for you. On last years Long Story Short EP, Deon flashed his promise as a multi-talented vocalist, well-versed in warm soundscapes that complement his equally bright presence. Now, his debut album features similar, organic sonics as well as more artificial synths, adding a different flavor to the table. 

The album opens with the bright “Gelato,” setting the tone for the initial portion of the project. On this song, he centers the atmosphere around twinkling guitars, while Deon’s voice mixes perfectly into the cascading sounds. Going forward, however, more metallic sounds enter the fold, with seemingly video game inspired sonics on “Peace.” Here, it works, as Deon’s light vocals float over the uptempo percussion. On “Dreams,” his autotuned vocals elevate the track, as you can hear his playful weightlessness dishing around over the warm keys.

When the album returns to its natural, R&B base, however, is when it shines the most. “Mind N Soul” is a gorgeous R&B diamond, the synths slipping and sliding over slow, heavy guitar lines. “Sucker for Love Interlude” is a beautiful instrumental, peacefully drifting through the speakers as a well-timed reset before the ultimate finale. 

Yet, it does feel like Deon is at a bit of a crossroads. The R&B sound and the more arcade-inspired sound are two things he can do well, but he does stumble at times when he times to bring them together in one song. “Image” is one such example, as the cotton-candy instrumental distracts from the relatively serious lyrical content. For the most part, the album shines brightest when he hones in on one sound or the other, allowing each to operate without distraction.

That being said, Deon has proven he’s more than capable of figuring it out. This album is a great step for the young artist, showing his versatility as well as how much further he can still go. His creativity in composing is worthy of praise, and when you combine it with his lyrics, it’s easy to see why his trajectory has been swiftly climbing all year.