GoGettaKB – NH To Da NH feat. GoGettaEssco

It’s been a while since we had GoGettaKB on SLAP, but he’s back with a new video for ‘NH To Da NH’ feat. his teammate GoGettaEssco. The video is an awesome display of unity, with both artists shouting out not only their own hood, but also the others around the city. 

This song & video doesn’t happen 5 years ago. No way. But, in 2018 the LA rap scene has an underlying theme of togetherness and putting things like gang rivalries to the side if it means making some good music. The rest of the industry should take notes on moments like these, because unity makes the path to success clearer for everyone chasing their dreams. 

Insomnia Music Group directs the video, and they’re proving to be a great choice for visuals that are meant to depict the grit of the LA streets. Watch below: