Fenix Flexin- “Fell in Love”

Fenix Flexin Fell in Love with the Money, Drugs, Mud and displays it throughout the video flexing his jewelry, xans and lean. The video directed by John Rawl has plenty of greenery as it looks to be taken at an abandoned building on the side of a mountain. Fenix as usual flexes his money dripped in a fresh Bathing Ape outfit. This song has recently been featured on Shoreline Mafia’s EP ‘Party Pack 2’ that has came out a few days ago.

You can catch Fenix Flexin Live on his solo tour in the next few weeks but if it is not in a city near you you can also catch Shoreline Mafia’s North America Tour that was recently announced starting on 10/24 with Ohgeesy.

Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/JHUnTLTG1KI